I have been asked over and over, “What has the ACF done for you Mike, why should I join and what will it do for me?” Having been a member for over 30 years, I can honestly say that joining the ACF was the defining moment in my career as a professional chef. Entering my 37th year in the food business, the ACF has provided me with a road map for my success. I followed the certification trail through out my career and no matter where I worked, what job title I had, how good the Chef was, what type of establishment I was in, I had a plan, a road map that kept my focus on culinary education and certification. Keeping focused in today's fast pace market is very difficult and ACF certification is not only the key, but will be a requirement for all chefs in the future. Invest in yourself join the ACF Atlanta Chefs Association today!

Michael Deihl, CEC® CCA® AAC®

I have been a member of the Atlanta chapter of the ACF for over fifteen years, during which time I have made some wonderful friends and business contacts. I became certified with the ACF and have maintained it through 2 renewals and have felt it to be a true benefit to my culinary career. I have been very active in the chapter which has also helped me in my career. I would recommend membership to any culinarian who wants to further his or her career and give back to the community through participation in chapter activities.

Philip Mastin, CEC®

What has the ACF done for me?

The ACF has provided a platform upon which I have gained; ACCESS to wisdom and knowledge. This treasure chest is not limited to my local chapter, it's an "All Access Pass" to a great global industry of chefs and beyond!

Kareen Linton, CC

ACF has enlarged my opportunity to connect with people in the industry and through those connections several business opportunities and new friendships were formed.

Christiane Foy, CC, CFSM