Congratulations Newly Elected Board of Directors

Announcing the 2018-2019 
ACF-Atlanta Chefs Association, Inc
Board of Directors
President:                       Rudy Kremer
Chairman of the Board: Kully Crean
Vice President:               Isaac Crawford
Treasurer:                       Chris Foy
Secretary:                       Cathy Harris
Sergeant at Arms:          Brian Boldt
                                         Carolyn Burrows
                                         Lisa Wilson
Board of Directors:        Nick Barrington 
                                         Alex Bladowski
                                         Chris Bladowski
                                         Wes Goodman
                                         Phil Mastin
                                         Mark Milliron
                                         James Paul
New Board will be sworn in during the Expo Evening at Atlanta Fixture on December 4. The new Board will officially take office at midnight, January 1, 2018.